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Submitted on
October 19, 2009
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Trick –or- Treat Sestina-Ween

The suffocating darkness
Finally creeps in from the
Never ending void called
The sky. It waits so silent
Until the final day is gone
And the moon is out to play

Only at that moment are the
Terrifying ghouls at last called
The air and space is silent
All trace of day is gone
And the stage is set for the play
As it waits a moment in darkness

The creatures have been called
Howls pierce the silent
Air as all peace has gone
The forest will begin to play
Yet in never ending darkness
And the chilling sound of the

Heartbeats racing like feet yet silent
All wish that these devils were gone
As they pester on doors. Play
Games as they scream in darkness
Little thieves with hands readying the
Bags and bowls that have called

Nothing will stop until they are gone
They do anything to play
For such jewels in the darkness
These gems are gone quick but the
Moment taken is precious as they are called
Names which do not suit the silent

After so many hours at play
They will creep back to the darkness
Relief washes over houses as the
Ghouls that are so-called
Children fall silent
As sweets and candy are now gone

Parents and Adults cherish the silence
As these masked children finish their play
And we thank the lord the pestering ghouls have gone!
This is for the Sestina-Ween contest,
I dared attempt it XD Personally, I would do another one but people said this was good so what the heck
Monsterpikachu Oct 25, 2009
Oooh is this for the contest? Im sure your gonna do absolutely spanking, how you do all these amazing poems I dont know. Pfffft
alonerocker Oct 20, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Nice work, doll!!
:D:D Thank you, my love ^_^
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